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2019 Recent Activity

Revisiting previous as tower . . .

Herbert Bayer  Inspired (Dot Dash Dot) campus
Houses Convent + Daycare around Louie’s Lunch. Been wanting to do a hypostyle hall since reading  Sibyl Molholy Nagy’s ‘Matrix of Man’ with XX this summer.


Saturday, September 14, 6PM
7th Floor Terrace, Rudolph Hall
180 York Street, New Haven, CT, 06511

June research for a palace project with XX

House 05

May last month in Miami.

April Open Houses in Miami, North East, & Berkeley.

March Competition: Big Ideas for Small Lots Competition with Robert and Xinyi. Sent out some very belated gifts. Rewarding experience @ Berkeley Botanical Gardens.

February Tokyo, Kyoto, Shenzhen, Hong Kong and Beijing with Xinyi and George. Images from high speed rail from Shenzhen to Beijing. 

January Graduate School applications.
2018 Highlights

Liquid Living 

House 01

House 02 


Mark would house