Adare Brown

Produced for the Core IV: Urban studio at Yale’s School of Architecture.
The project is proposed for a series of soft sites identified along a 100’- wide industrial corridor that runs ridge to shore, along 39th Street in Brooklyn, NY. These eleven half-block parcels are currently empty and owned by the city of New York. They represent 2.5 million buildable sqft according to the current zoning designation. The corridor itself is a depressed gully through which runs the South Brooklyn Rail (presently out of service) and the D Line of the NYC metro link. This corridor runs perpendicular to existing zoning which  stripes commercial avenues through residential blocks. The gully continues down to Sunset Park's Industrial Waterfront which is positioned to see massive investments in coastal infrastructure and new manufacturing. This spatial arrangement provides a unique opportunity to provide safe transit for pedestrians and cyclists heading to the shore for work and play and reinforce existing community values providing space for a variety of non-commercial social activity.

Yale School of Architecture, 2021
Critic: Anthony Acciavatti