adare brown

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Convent in the San Joaquin Valley

The nuns sought an Architecture about the limits of human habitation. This building is akin to Lina bo Bardi’s theater without an anus. At the end of a nun’s life she is ejected back through the mouth of the building with everything she’s ever consumed. She is purged. This is a bulimic building. When she enters she accepts: she won’t leave walking. Visitors and bearers of necessities step beneath the tower to interface directly with the stomach. The nuns live with the waste their life mandates. Eventually they are buried with it.

Their body is then accepted and mourned in an expanded mode; in light of their total  consumption.

Practically: the convent is sited off the I-5, neighboring the San Luis wildlife Refuge and an Amazon fulfillment center in Paterson, CA. There are 10 practical floors. From bottom: housing cells, a kitchen, dining room and at the top a library. hung above the floors are steel meditation chambers subject to wind and light coming off the valley.