Adare Brown

A speculative project for an imagined monastery of nuns, whose in-habitation permits literal readings of body and land. Sited in California’s San Joaquin Valley—a drained river valley home to intensive agriculture and logisitial centers—the nuns attempt living without refuse.

Sited off the I-5 at a junction where the Amazon fulfillment centre approaches the San Luis Reservoir, bordering large scale agriculture, quartered off ducks clubs, and wildlife refuges.•

•The architecture circumscribes the limits of human habitation. The building emulates Lina Bo Bardi’s Teatro Oficina. Circulation is cut, restricting movement to an upwards spiral and piling up. The space accommodates the waste their life mandates, making visible the metabolic distress of their locale. The monastery hyperbolizes the self-sufficient, processing the intakes and outtakes of human consumption.

Yale School of Architecture, 2019
Critic: Michael Szivos